Bruce Paquette Photography

Bruce was born in 1945 in Los Angeles and spent his childhood in Hermosa Beach . Besides his passion for surfing, Bruce also developed a love for tactile art. He attended the University of Northern Colorado where he majored in ceramics and sculpture. A decade later, he picked up photography and began experimenting with the use of light and exposure to manipulate his subjects. Although he has traveled worldwide capturing beauty in the most unlikely places, he remains taken aback by the complex and lively history he sees in the Bay Area, his home for the last 25 years. This exposition is a collection of photos taken in the dark of night throughout junkyards in New Mexico and the out of the way highways of California . They are a result of brief freezing treks in deserted auto graveyards, as the air slowly changes the new steel of years past to rust. "I hope you enjoy the ride." Bruce Paquette ign is how it works.